Network Design & IT Solutions

Look no further than Loyal Tech and Security if you want a professional, reliable partner to help you with your network design. We design your network in a way that works well and saves you money. We can help you find LAN/WAN solutions that will enable you to send and receive data safely, and cost-effectively. During the design process, our team will work together and use high-tech tools to ensure that every step is efficient and valuable.

Network Design Services Offered by Loyal Tech Security

We are known for our ability to improve business operations by designing and constructing cost-effective network solutions and reconfiguring existing infrastructure. Come to us when you want large-scale infrastructure improvements, system upgrades, or even system relocation.
Our network design security solution is the only logical choice for enterprise-level internet capabilities. Our Microsoft and Cisco-trained engineers can create a network that is both scalable and secure, meeting your business’s demands in every way.

Structured Cabling

Can Loyal Tech Security install structured cabling for your business?

Your network can’t work without structured cabling systems. It’s the basis of your connectivity and helps you stay strong and flexible. Your cabling will be in the ground for decades, but the software that uses it will change yearly. Because of this, it’s essential to prepare your business for whatever comes next. Fix the infrastructure the first time.

Speed and installing structured cabling help things go smoothly when running a business. Structured cabling companies improve how your network handles voice, data, audio, and video signals.

A reliable IT infrastructure is built on technological solutions like a structured wiring system and a communications building. A structured cabling system design is integral to modern networking and helps your business grow and improve. These cabling solutions make equipment faster, easier to fix when it breaks, better connected, and last longer. Our certified communications cabling contractors can rewire and reorganize your network cabling to improve it.

We are qualified structured cabling installers who can help you with data cabling, fiber optics, cable management, and cable repair. We can give you an end-to-end design for your data center that will provide you with the most connections. A professionally designed cable network will work better and be easier to maintain. Panels and cables are better organized, which lets you use your office space more efficiently. Instead of a cluttered network, you can ensure a smooth and organized data-cabling infrastructure that will help your business grow and succeed.

Virtualization Consulting Services

With desktop and server virtualization services, users can enjoy more secure, dependable, and simple-to-maintain computer environments.

Our goal is to provide services based on cutting-edge technologies in a personable and dependable way. Regarding our IT service solutions and data virtualization, we only use the most advanced tools and provide the quality management and support possible. We consistently and reliably deliver cutting-edge solutions that turn technology into valuable resources for our customers.

“Server virtualization” refers to dividing a single physical server into several “virtual” ones. The term “desktop virtualization” refers to centralizing your desktop’s apps and data storage on a server to enhance accessibility and decrease costs.

Features of IT Virtualization Services

We provide desktop and server virtualization services that are customized to meet the specific requirements of every client’s company. When it comes to your most essential business programs, let our specialists help you enjoy the benefits of virtualization.


Greater Flexibility: Our services boost storage I/O performance and allow for the faster virtualization of mission-critical business applications.

Enhanced efficiency: We’re optimizing storage management and streamlining hardware to increase efficiency.

High-Tech Resource Management: We make sure that the available resources are used best by combining them and splitting the available bandwidth into separate channels.

Data Protection and Recovery Planning: Important client data is managed and stored safely owing to the backup and disaster recovery plan.

IT Relocation Services

When companies decide to move their IT infrastructure, it can catalyze positive transformation and create new opportunities. It’s easier to make a good impression on potential customers or clients while doing business in a more aesthetically pleasing or conveniently located area.

Moving your data center will be handled expertly by the Loyal Tech and Security team. We ensure you don’t have to deal with any problematic moving aspects.

We’ll evaluate your current infrastructure to determine how to best take advantage of IT relocation services. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a long-term plan for your company’s information technology.  It will make it up to date and increase productivity among your staff.

Because of this, our engineers and logistics team offer various services, from local server relocation to de-installation and re-installation of enterprise architecture across East Brunswick, New Jersey.