IT Services to Keep Your Remote Workforce Secure and Productive

In response to the COVID-19 danger, many companies are setting up remote workforces. Loyal Tech Security is acting to protect the interests of our customers and employees at this time.

We are still operating at full capacity to fulfil your company’s needs, and we are prepared to help you set up your personnel in a productive and secure remote working environment.

As the top managed IT services provider in the country, we can quickly implement cutting-edge solutions to ensure that staff members have the resources they need to work remotely, such as:

• Secure connectivity solutions (VPN) so they can access files and resources on your network.

• Office 365, Teams, Splash Top Pro, Slack, and other remote team management tools.

• Protection from new and evolving security threats.

• Phone systems, video conferencing, and high-speed Internet.

Call us or submit a Consultation Request on our website to learn more about establishing a remote workforce.

Is cloud right for you?

It’s not always the best decision, however occasionally it is

Because there are so many services that organizations may employ, including storage, redundancy, business apps, and many more, the word “cloud” has become quite popular. Furthermore, with cloud technology, almost any device may access programmed and crucial data at any time, anywhere. Data is always up to date and available.

Is the cloud the ideal answer for you, or not? Your requirements will determine the response. You may get assistance from Loyal Tech Security in deciding which cloud-based solutions are best for your company.

How are Businesses using the Cloud?

There are several types of cloud services

Despite its beginnings as storage solutions, cloud services today provide organisations a wide range of alternatives, including PCs, servers, email, and software that can all be accessed from the cloud. Business-grade email with encryption, virus protection, data security, simple synchronisation across all devices, and hosting from firms with robust platforms and redundancy centres are all installed by Loyal Tech Security. Businesses are increasingly using software for office suites hosted in the cloud.

There are several cloud services available that might help your company. We provide cloud solutions in the following categories:

Are Cloud Services right for my Business?

We consider the advantages and disadvantages of each technological solution in light of your company’s needs. To determine your demands, Loyal Tech Security will collaborate with you. Our services are geared on helping your company create a top-notch IT infrastructure that is safe, simple to use, and offers high availability of your vital data and information whenever you need it, wherever you may be. And if that implies that you need “the cloud,” we will devise a plan to properly get your company there via a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution.